I am a movie loving sex blogger, publishing regular reviews of my favourite hot movies and what they taught me about sex, love and relationships!

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I love love love watching movies and I also love sex. I love sex! But most of what I learned about sex, I learned from movies. Movies with good sex scenes became everything to me!

But is that a reasonable or sensible thing to do? And which are the good movies to watch? Which are the hot hot mainstream movies and what can they teach us about sex?

This blog is a catalogue of my favourite movies that discuss sex – why I like them (or don’t like them) and what I learned (or didn’t learn) from them!

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I have an ever extending list of films that I want to include on this blog but do send me your recommendations and I might bump them up the list!

I keep the list of movies that I am going to review and a (more or less up to date) list of ones I’ve already reviewed on Letterboxed.

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About me

I am a sex blogger in my 30s and first started writing in 2014. My sex blog is full of erotica, opinion pieces and nude photography. I am married to another blogger, Exhibit A, and we have a toddler together. In my real life, I’m a doctor and occasionally my thoughts on health and medicine sneak into my writing.

My pronouns are she/her

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